Welcome to the Ishihara lab web page! Translational Research in Central London

We are a Drug Design Laboratory to solve problems in the clinic. Our goal is to develop new medicine in our lab to translate into the clinic. 


Make cancer therapy safe and effective
We are keen to develop new cancer medicine by bioengineering approach. Cancer immunotherapy is very promising approach and is used in the clinic. However, current therapies are not effective for everyone or the response is partial. Also, there is a room for improvement in toxicity. We developed technologies that can deliver cancer drugs specifically to the cancer. We design drugs to create new medicine. Our "Cancer-targeted immunotherapy" will improve safety and efficacy of the drugs. Our goal is to translate our technologies into the clinic. As an example, Ishihara founded a company, ArrowImmune Inc.
Create new classes of immunotherapy to solve ageing-related diseases
There are many diseases that immune system is excessively activated and attack host healthy tissues. This often happens when humans age. Also, aged people tend to have poor vaccination response. COVID-19 pandemic reminded us that aged people are threatened by inappropriate reactions of immune system. We create new technologies to solve those issues. We design new protein drugs to improve safety and efficacy of drugs.
Create new approaches to promote tissue repair
Regenerative medicine is very promising approach for treating injury. However, not many drugs are available in the clinic currently. This is usually because of side effects or inefficacy. We study to design better drugs using protein engineering approaches. Our goal is to translate our technologies to the clinic.